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Every Business Is A Tech Business

Data-Driven Decision Making

Businesses generate and collect vast amounts of data. Technology empowers businesses to analyze this data, extract insights, and make informed decisions. Data-driven approaches enable businesses to understand market trends, customer behaviors, and operational patterns, ultimately driving strategic choices that align with market demands.

Operational Efficiency and Innovation

Technology allows businesses to streamline processes, automate tasks, and optimize operations. By leveraging digital tools and platforms, businesses can innovate their products, services, and internal workflows. This efficiency and innovation drive competitiveness and growth across industries.

Customer Experience and Engagement

In today's digital age, customers expect seamless and personalized experiences. Technology enables businesses to understand customer preferences, communicate effectively through various digital channels, and offer tailored solutions. Enhancing customer experience leads to loyalty, positive word-of-mouth, and sustained business success.

AI & Automation Services

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We place paramount importance on creating games with unique features that captivate and engage players in innovative ways. We understand that in an ever-evolving gaming landscape, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Therefore, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of game development, seeking to provide experiences that are unparalleled and memorable. With our first game, we aimed to merge VR and traditional ways to play shooters by using the gyro scope sensors in phones to create a new control scheme that we find improves the space considerably.


We see house-flipping as more than just a real estate endeavor – it is a means to breathe new life into properties that would have otherwise succumbed to decay. We believe in the transformative power of revitalization, where neglected houses are revived to their former glory and given a fresh start.


House flipping is not just a business venture for us; it is a passion-driven endeavor to revive and preserve the essence of properties that hold a special place in the collective memory of the community. We believe in the power of transformation, and through our commitment to excellence, we breathe new life into neglected houses, restoring their beauty and revitalizing the very heart of neighborhoods.

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Our first foray into robotics has been an exciting step forward for us at THEUS. With our smart vending machine capable of serving hot food, including delicious pizzas, we are pushing the boundaries of convenience and technology. By combining robotics and culinary expertise, we have created a novel solution that revolutionizes the way people enjoy quick and freshly prepared meals on the go.

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Our Partners

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A wide range of Opportunities.


As a newly established company, we embark on a journey of innovation and disruption. While we may not yet possess all the resources to achieve some of the revolutionary technologies we envision, we want our audience to anticipate significant advancements in the future.


With an unwavering passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, we are committed to exploring uncharted territories and bringing about transformative changes in the fields of housing, robotics, AI, and software. Our focus on disruptive technologies underscores our determination to challenge the norms and create a lasting impact on industries and society as a whole.


While we acknowledge the current limitations, we invite you to join us in this exciting phase of our journey, where every step brings us closer to our ambitious goals. We assure you that our dedication to innovation, combined with strategic partnerships and continuous growth, will fuel our progress and pave the way for groundbreaking developments in the near future.


Together, let's forge a path toward a future where technology revolutionizes the way we live, work, and interact, even as we acknowledge the challenges and strive to overcome them. Expect big things from THEUS as we navigate the uncharted territories of innovation and work towards creating a brighter, more technologically advanced world.

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